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Invisible Orthodontics in Mexico City


Removable Orthodontics | Invisalign

Invisalign offers the best in innovation, technology and support in clinical studies in order to gradually achieve a functional and aesthetic alignment in a comfortable way which will lead to a beautiful smile.


no braces

Invisalign is completely convenient

The orthodontic treatment with Invisalign maintains the lifestyle in each patient practically intact; at the same time aligning the teeth.

Invisalign is indicated in the alignment of teeth in adults

Every day more adults are considering aligning their teeth either by aesthetic or function, but their major concern is how they will look with braces or how uncomfortable they can became. For these and many other reasons, Invisalign becomes the ideal option for the most of the cases in adults.

Invisalign is indicated in the alignment of teeth in (TEENS)

Nowadays, Invisalign allows TEENS align their teeth without the necessity to use braces. It is a great relief for parents as they do not have to deal with their children as they collaborate happily by not having to use braces and as a parent you will feel the satisfaction of giving the best to your children.

Invisalign accompanies your child throughout his growth since it has a guaranteed treatment for 5 years.

Invisalign visualizes a new smile

One of the main tools of Invisalign is the ClinCheck, which before starting the treatment, allows the specialist in orthodontics as well as the patient visualize in 3D and in a virtual way the movements that will be made to the teeth step by step until you reach to the smile desired, as well as, monitoring the changes as the Invisalign treatment progresses.

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