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Orthodontics Techniques | Smile for a Lifetime

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Our orthodontic specialists work within our facilities together with a complete team of specialists to improve the esthetics of your smile, the symmetry of your face, the health and functionality of each of your dental pieces.

If an additional treatment is recommended by the orthodontic specialist then you will be supported by a specialist in that area, whether in prostheses, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, periodontics or pediatric dentistry. All specialists are in the same place, so you will not have to move in this complicated city because we work together day to day for you.

This is the combination of ease with high specialization in the same clinic!

We have different orthodontic techniques for you


nvisalign: Transparent, comfortable and removable

No wires or appliances that irritate your mouth and, best of all, nobody will notice that you are in orthodontic treatment. An alternative to fixed appliances, chosen by more than 4,000,000 people around the world for a spectacular smile.
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3M Incognito: Esthetic and lingual (incognito).

An advanced technology combined with a custom design. Incognito low profile braces ensure optimum aesthetics results

Ceramic appliance

Ceramic braces are exact copies of traditional metallic braces but with the similar color of teeth, so are more aesthetics. Can be a great alternative to the metallic braces or to Invisalign if maintenance is correct.
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Metalic appliance

The traditional metallic braces are most common orthodontic technique and nowadays are more comfortable than ever.

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